Diversified Freight Logistics, Inc.

Corporate IT Solution



The problem at hand with this customer was the need to update their Industry Software package. Up un till DFL outgrew their Industry Software, their 50 users had operated as a workgroup across three locations. The previous Industry Software was a Unix based application in which users connected using an older Telnet Client. When the decision was made to upgrade the company software, DFL realized not only had they outgrown their software, but their network setup as well. LCS was awarded the job and tasked to implement a network that was secure, safe, manageable, and would support the server requirements for their new software.


  1. Domain Implementation: First a local Domain was installed in order to manage the users and PC's in the company as compared to having 50 administrators.

  2. Database Server: A database server was built to house the new Industry Software and guarantee it's availability to users.

  3. VPN: Virtual Private Network tunnels where setup between branch offices in order to provide full time access to the new software. Additionally, roaming VPN access was provided to the sales force making the network available to them while on the road.

  4. Citrix Farm: A Citrix Farm was created to allow users at remote locations or traveling on the road to use the required software. Not only did this provide access to the application but it ensure availability with the least amount of bandwidth.

  5. Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, & Backup: Centralized network protection was implemented across the entire Enterprise. These task are all automatically controlled, so there is no user intervention required. Backups are run nightly based on schedule.